SLE and School to School Support

Our Alliance can offer:

  • NLE, LLE, SLE support requested by schools directly, the LA or Diocesan Board of Education
  • Pre and post Ofsted support.
  • Data reviews based on whole school outcomes, year groups or specific cohorts.
  • Bespoke CPD for leaders, teachers and support staff.

Our teaching school alliance has recruited, appointed and trained a talented group of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) from both the primary and secondary sector across North Cumbria. This valuable resource comprises 10 primary and 10 secondary colleagues. Each has a specific field of curricular expertise.

Deployment is tailored to meet the school’s needs, through a variety of routes.

In some cases this is supporting schools that are in receipt of specific DFE funding i.e school to school support. This central funding for schools deemed to “require improvement” is usually at least a term’s deployment, working in negotiation with the supported school and their own school. The SLE would usually work alongside teaching staff.

Over the last two years, three of our local schools have moved to 'good' in recent Ofsted inspections and deployment of our SLEs have contributed to this improvement and progress.

Occasionally schools or the LA may require a short term deployment of a fortnight to undertake a specific focus e.g to look at raising achievement in writing.

Schools are welcome to contact the alliance if they require a SLE to tailor any bespoke CPD training programmes.

We are committed to working with CASL/LASL and a full list of all SLEs can be found in the CASL booklet and although our SLEs are recruited from our catchment area , teaching schools are encouraged to work across boundaries to improve outcomes for all Cumbrian pupils. 

Our alliance is keen to ensure all SLEs are deployed so schools across the County are welcome to contact the RLA to broker additional support.

The RLA is always looking to increase capacity to support schools and if you are interested in becoming a SLE contact us directly. There are significant professional (and financial) benefits in working alongside colleagues in different settings.

The RLA has contributed to a research paper in conjunction with Sheffield and Cumbria University, evaluating the impact of our SLE deployment. This is available to view here.

For further information on SLEs contact Stephen Fraser, RLA support officer 07523 867137

What are the benefits for the host school?

  • High quality training for senior staff to enhance pupil outcomes
  • An opportunity for highly skilled staff to learn from a different school setting
  • Develop an SLEs expertise in coaching, mentoring and targeted support – skills which can be utilised in a SLT
  • Staff retention as it provides a challenge for staff wishing to gain additional leadership experience
  • Supports succession planning
  • Possible remuneration as deployment is agreed through the Alliance.

What do schools gain from LLE/SLE support?

  • LLE/SLEs are current practitioners and therefore draw on relevant practice and experience
  • A colleague to work alongside who brings a new insight into your situation
  • Bespoke support, flexible and confidential
  • Supports teaching and learning through effective coaching to gain long term sustainable improvement
  • Target specific areas for improvement through engaging staff to achieve realistic goals to raise standards
  • Develops a leaders understanding and appreciation of different school settings to realise the importance of high quality CPD